Oceanfront Lodge
What type of people stay at our hotel? People
who want to stay away from traffic noise of
Highway 101 and enjoy peaceful oceanfront views.

Address: 100 A Street Crescent City, CA 95531 
Tel: 707-465-5400 Fax: 707-465-0962
Email: oceanfrontlodge@hotmail.com
48-hour prior to arrival date cancellation policy
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Oceanfront Lodge, standing only 30 feet from the edge of the rugged Northern California coast, is the premier
hotel in Crescent City, CA.

海滨旅馆位于加州月牙城. 在过去28年中,我们的旅馆仍是唯一一家被加州政府批准离海边最近兴建的海边旅馆.  

During your stay, enjoy sweeping ocean vistas and a spectacular view of the famous Battery Point
Lighthouse from one of our modern comfortable guestrooms
. Our gracious hotel is also located in
the heart of scenic Redwood country-truly an outdoor lover's paradise where  hiking, fishing,
bird-watching, and whale-watching
 opportunities are plentiful.

著名灯塔的蔚为景色.我们雅致的酒店坐落于风景秀丽的红木国家自然风景区之中, 在这片美丽的土地上
您可以体验到远足, 钓鱼的魅力,体会到鸟儿在空中自由飞翔的自在,


Redwood country-seeing is believing

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